3 Custom rail sets

Because of the demand for custom rail sets and based on requests and feedback from players, we have added two new products to the Ridgebackrails line-up.

Professional and League Edition Rails

For advanced players, we created Ridgebackrails Professional Edition. These rail sets provide the pocket geometry and a challenging practice setting that advanced players are seeking. For discerning players, who want these same qualities but with a slightly more forgiving pocket opening, we created Ridgebackrails League Edition. Both rail sets have a thicker cushion block made from bonded slats of clear poplar collated from different parent boards. These multiple layers of wood give the cushion block strength, dimensional stability, and mass. This extra thickness places the cushion nose further into the playfield which has the beneficial effect of deepening the slate shelf.**

Ridgebackrails League Edition

Corner pockets: 4 7/8" jaw and 4 3/8" throat*

Side Pockets: 4 3/4" jaw and 4" throat*

League Edition rails have the same challenging pocket opening angles as our Professional Edition rails but with a slightly more forgiving pocket size. This makes these the ideal rails for more casual and league environments!

Ridgebackrails Professional Edition

Corner pockets: 4 1/2" jaw and 4" throat*

Side Pockets: 4 3/4" jaw and 4" throat*

The pocket opening angles, pocket jaw, and pocket throat simulate those of a pro table. We have kept all of the features that have made Ridgebackrails the premium rail for coin-op tables. These include the all important ridge, relief cuts at each end of the rail, and relief cuts at the side pocket just to name a few.