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About SlateMaster Tools Cloth Stretcher
Vise Grips 8R Tool

The tool is made from the Vise Grips 8R tool. By looking closely at the picture to the left, you can see that the front of the bite is slightly tighter. Now you can grip just the edge of the cloth if needed and still get a good hold on it.

Close-up of Serrated Jaw Plates

The serrated jaw plates make it possible to achieve incredible tension on the bed cloth. If you have a customer who demands that their Simonis is really tight, you can now do it easily!

Cloth Stretching Tool

The jaw plates are aluminum and fitted in place during the machining of each tool so that the upper and lower V-grooves line up when the tool is squeezed closed. I made the first pair of these over 20 years ago and still use them today! This tool will make your job easier and save you money.