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About Ridgebackrails League Edition
Pocket Spacing League Edition

League Edition Ridgebackrails are designed with the same superior construction as Professional Edition Ridgebackrails, but have a slightly more forgiving pocket opening, which makes these the ideal rail for more casual and league environments. Here is some info on the Ridgebackrails League Edition series:

Ridgebackrails Cross Section Profile

The pocket openings for the League Edition Ridgebackrails are as follows:

          • Corner pockets: 4 7/8" jaw and 4 3/8" throat**
          • Side Pockets: 4 3/4" jaw and 4" throat**

We also offer bed and rail cloth kits with the League Edition Ridgebackrail sets as well as a rail covering service. Remember because of the larger horizontal dimension of our premium products (i.e. league and professional editions) the rail cloth must be cut 6.5 inches wide instead of the typical 6 inches wide. Additionally, it is highly recommended that a hospital fold be used for the side pocket treatment. Please contact us for additional information on complete service packages.

*Ridgebackrails product specifications are subject to change without notice.

**Pocket size may vary due to table and/or model manufacturing tolerances.