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About Ridgebackrails
Showing Ends of Full Set

Each set of Ridgebackrails is made using state of the art equipment that assures the highest quality product from set to set. Our machinery was designed and manufactured to our specifications specifically to make the Ridgebackrail. This means precision and consistency throughout each production run.

Close-up of Cushion Facing

All components of each Ridgebackrail are the highest quality available, from the adhesives to the cushion facings.

Top View of Cushion Facing

Each cushion and cushion facing are precisely fitted to the cushion block and then finish sanded so that your finished recovering has a smooth seamless appearance rather than visible lines that can be seen through the cloth on rails using die cut and/or razor cut finishing processes.

Staples in End of facing

Again, attention to detail is what you can expect with Ridgebackrails. Each cushion facing is firmly bonded with adhesive and then reinforced with two heavy duty staples to keep it from sliding during the life of the rail.

Relief Cut on Bottom of Side Rail

Each side pocket cushion facing and cushion block bottom is relief cut so that the rail can be firmly seated on the play surface when the hospital fold side pocket technique is used. Of course, you can cover the rail using the no-fold valley style treatment as well.

End of Cushion Block Molding

Each cushion block blank is run through a molding machine with precisely ground knives that assure consistent and correct profiles for each style of table. The all-important alignment bead on the face is designed into each profile so that the cushions stay bonded at the correct height even after years of play. One important aspect of the alignment bead is that it provides support for the cushion rubber when patrons or guests sit on the table. On the back of the cushion block is the all-important ridge. This feature causes the rail to be firmly seated against the cabinet at the bolt-up points. Several advantages are that the rail plays better because there is less loss of energy during ball impact, the t-nut is less likely to pull through, which in turn prevents premature rail splitting. During the manufacturing process, the ridge is removed at the very end of each rail to allow for the necessary cloth folds and staples used during the covering process. You will be amazed how easily and beautifully Ridgebackrails are to recover!

T-Nut Top

Only the highest quality t-nuts are used. Each t-nut is fitted into a hole that is precisely drilled on an automatic machine that positions the hole in the correct position longitudinally and vertically so that the rails bolt onto the table easily. The hole depth is also machine controlled so that the t-nut provides the most grip and resistance to pull-through possible.

T-Nut Bottom

The Ridgeback and the t-nut are designed so that the t-nut has a solid bearing point against the cabinet. Each t-nut is flared, creating a guide for the rail bolt as it is being installed. Additionally, the flare prevents the t-nut from spinning or pushing out while the rails are being installed on the table.

*Ridgebackrails product specifications are subject to change without notice.